EMAS Environmental Verifier

A prerequisite for an EMAS registration is that a publicly appointed, independent environmental verifier checked the installed environmental management system and validates the environmental statement. Audit priorities are:

  • environmental policy, environmental objectives, environmental programme, environmental aspects of the organisation
  • environmental legal obligations of the organisation and legal compliance
  • information on the core environmental indicators
  • the continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • reliability, credibility and accuracy of the data in the environmental statement

The environmental verifier can be natural or legal person. The accreditation as EMAS environmental verifier refers to specific branches and industries and is carried out by the German Accreditation Body for Environmental Verifiers (DAU Bonn GmbH). The accreditation of the verifier must cover the fields of activity of the audited organisation. You can find the German EMAS verifiers and their accreditation scopes in the Register of EMAS verifiers published by the DAU.

Further Information

  • Website of the German Accreditation Body for Environmental Verifiers

    The German Accreditation Body for Environmental Verifiers (Deutsche Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsgesellschaft für Umweltgutachter mbH - DAU) is in charge of the authorisation and supervision of environmental verifiers under the EMAS Regulation. On the DAU website you will find all the information required for accreditation as environmental verifier and the register of EMAS verifiers.

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