Good Reasons for EMAS

EMAS is more relevant than ever: As a modern management and audit system, it helps the participating organisations to position for the future - by improving their ability to innovate, reduce environmental impact and costs and strengthen their public reputation. With EMAS, organisations raise their awareness for the effects of their own actions. Opportunities for improvement can be identified and weaknesses can be eliminated.

A continuous process is essential for the improvement of environmental performance, which EMAS provides via annual updates of the environmental statement and the revalidation that have to be carried out in regular intervals by external environmental experts.

Experience shows that EMAS organisations have - due to this systematic and transparent approach – benefits and are thus well prepared for the demands of the future.

  • Climate Protection

    Combating progressive climate change is one of the most urgent tasks of our time. Whether it is to improve the energy efficiency in order to minimize greenhouse gas emissions or 'only' own behavioral changes: EMAS is an effective tool to make effective contributions to climate protection.

  • Resource Efficiency

    An honest data base is the prerequisite for initiating a continuous improvement process and thus to reduce the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials and the production of waste. Resource efficiency is also cutting costs, which is an important argument - not only in economically difficult times.

  • Legal Compliance

    The importance of legally compliant behavior in environmental protection has also increased significantly, both internally to avoid unwelcome legal consequences and externally for the reputation of companies and other organisations. The confirmation of compliance is an important added value of the EMAS process. Legal certainty is increased, while liability risks are reduced.

  • Green Procurement

    Both in public procurement procedures as well as for dealing with other companies the EMAS registration is a proof of special systematic environmental commitment. EMAS is no guarantee for new orders, but it increases the chances for new business.

  • Employee Participation

    EMAS is a system that involves all levels of management, including the top management. Special emphasis is put on ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to actively participate in order make the best use of existing expertise and new ideas.

  • Transparency and Credibility

    An increasingly sensitive and critical public calls for more transparency in the activities of businesses and other organisations. All content and figures in the EMAS environmental statement are checked by an independent and state accredited verifier. The EMAS logo visible is the proof of commitment for the environment.

  • Sustainability

    In addition to the environmental aspects of economic activity social and societal effects get ever more important. EMAS registered organisations have an excellent basis for an extension of environmental management into a comprehensive sustainability management.

  • Recognition

    EMAS is recognised in both the environmental and energy field: With EMAS industrial companies meet the basic requirement for the partial refund of energy and electricity tax as well as the special equalization scheme of the EEG in Germany. The obligation for large companies in all industries to carry out energy audits is fulfilled with EMAS.

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